It Needs To Be CED: Hip Hop Has to Get Political

It Needs To Be CED: Hip Hop Has to Get Political

Hip Hop has gone global in a way that no one expected, not even the forefathers could have predicted what was once labeled a fad. The great thing about Hip Hop, in the beginning, was the fact that it gave inner city dwellers a voice to express what was on their mind, create something within the realm of the environment witnessed by the ones who made it a story to tell. From graffiti, to break dancing, to retelling stories about the inner city that mainstream America didn’t know or even care about, was exhilarating to the ones who were capable of expressing themselves in ways that wasn’t on the scope of America’s vision.

What was looked at as ‘jungle music’ or what was even referred to as ‘noise’ in mainstream media, became such a cultural and worldwide phenomenon that it is STILL the top music genre and shows no sign of slowing down or releasing its hold in the entertainment universe. So much that Corporate America probably relies more on Hip Hop than Hip Hop does itself…..  Now, take a minute to think about that…..

Not bad for music not labeled music at one time.

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Now, since Hip Hop has so much influence in just about anything that draws an audience, it’s time that Hip Hop take a stance in the political world. No, I’m not talking about Hip Hop getting behind a Black man to make history in becoming the first Black man to be elected president of the ‘Free World.’ No, I mean Hip Hop playing a role in EVERYTHING having to do with passing laws, racial injustice, voting rights, shit, even having a place at the table when it comes to international affairs. Yes, I am DEAD serious and so should you about making this happen.

We just can’t be comfortable dominating fashion, sports, music, culture and anything that uses the culture to make a buck or statement. We have to dominate in ways that we are respected in ALL manners of importance in this world and Hip Hop HAS the power to make it so, now it’s up to you to start taking other aspects of life just as serious as you do when it comes to the latest fashion trends, athletic abilities and anything else that Hip Hop has helped grow!

Let’s take the power that we have and use it to actually benefit each other in ALL terms of life. Aren’t you sick of Hip Hop being associated with ignorance, crime and every societal ill known to mankind? Let’s make Hip Hop what it’s supposed to be…..  Uplifting…..

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