It Needs To Be CED: Relationships Should be Like Buying a Car

It Needs To Be CED: Relationships Should be Like Buying a Car

Attraction to someone is typically apparent in a relationship with a significant other. Whether it’s physical and/or mental, there needs to be a reason to want to be with a person (I guess you can even include if it’s financial) especially if intimacy is involved. The problem nowadays is that beyond the initial attraction, in most cases, that’s all there may be and a lot of people are comfortable with that… Until the problems start…..
For men and women alike, the typical first meeting or notice of interest that takes place, we feel we have to impress the one we’re attracted to and that’s fine and dandy, but, more than likely, we mask who we are as a whole, in order to gain the attention and to ‘make’ ourselves more appealing to our intended target. This naturally deceptive practice is a social norm, so much that, even on our computers and mobile lines of communication, we have a habit of placing our best foot forward or embellishing who we are, almost immediately. And this is the beginning of the mask we create for ourselves in the pursuit of happiness, good times and/or carnal pleasures. It’s not that we lie or try to deceive (In most cases), it’s just that we want to give them a good ‘showing’ to gain mutual attraction, similar to seeing a shiny car at an automobile lot on sale. You know, on the outside, this car looks very appealing and grabs your attention right away and you want to immediately plop your money down so you can drive it straight off the lot! And as with used vehicles, there’s a great chance that the product, although very appealing, isn’t up to standard for your tastes and likes. People are just the same way! If only we took as much interest in ‘checking under the hood’ with who we are attracted to, we’d most likely have better relationships or a better understanding of who we’re about to invest our time in!
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Continuing with the car analogy, we have people who will take everything a salesperson says as law, with no questions asked or skepticism posed. Does this sound familiar? We have some who just want to get in a car and own one, despite the potential problems it may cause and then complain about the ‘lemon’ they purchased that, if they had taken a stock to read the CARFAX report or taken a test drive, they would know exactly what they are about the purchase! Of course, you have some who knows the car isn’t worth the time or effort but just feel they need to have one so they can say that do!

Just like the person who always ends up buying cars that gives them problems always. With the first car, it should be a lesson on how to make a better decision when buying an automobile, yet, the next car, which looks great, but isn’t checked out like the previous one, presents the same and/or different problems that end up frustrating you. Then the very next vehicle, you make the SAME mistake when purchasing the car and you end up with another lemon! There are TOO many people who choose their relationships this way and wonder why they are always miserable!

The fact of the matter is, we take more careful planning in other long term investments that has a direct effect on our lives, EXCEPT when it comes to relationships. Typically, that initial attraction is all some may need to feel the need to be involved with someone who would make their lives unbearable and miserable instead of taking the time to see the signs. Trust me, the signs are there, you just should not to see them in hopes that everything will be the way you want them to. That ‘check engine’ light is flashing, but, just like Penny on The Big Bang Theory, you continue to drive the car when the car is telling you there is something wrong!

For those currently in relationships that displayed the check engine light awhile ago, you have to correct the problem or prepare to go back to the lot to get a better car, but, this time, make sure you kick all the tires, take a test drive and ASK many questions so when you find out the answers, you could make a better informed decision and have a great car that will last for as long as you want it to!

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